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One person's foreplay is another person's main event. Sex means different things to different people, depending on, individual differences, gender identity, genital configuration, sexual orientation, and All that jazz. Foreplay can be just the act of even creating space or talking about having sex in the future can be foreplay too.

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Foreplay In A Relationship Is Important

Scheduling some time to just have time alone away from everything, for instance, can be like the start of foreplay. 4th place at the beginning of the sex planning, I guess planning and doing? It takes a little bit of planning, right? So if you're going to have sex on Friday, you're gonna want to start to kind of plant the seeds of foreplay on Monday.

Doing it in the evening, you're gonna want it to start at the breakfast table. So you talked about just talking about sex. So foreplay can be about the things that you say to one another. For example, if you know you're gonna be in the mood tonight, what are some of the things you might say to your boyfriend in the morning to initiate that foreplay?

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Foreplay Initiation Is Key During The Day

Well, it's not quite so linear for me because again, I have the fear of rejection. How do I know it's gonna happen tonight and we can revoke consent at any time and all that. So instead I try and I'm not the best about it either.

But I try and need to work on it. More things for the remainder of constantly initiating these moments of foreplay all throughout the day, even if they're not going to lead up to anything.

I think that's important. Just keep the spice in like, an easy way is to make innuendos. If someone says something that could be potentially construed as sexual. I'm gonna put my banana in your blender too, you know, like, so you're using humor Just like silly ways to remind everybody that we're all still adults here and we do this.

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Flirting & Silly Innuendos Go Along Way

I might be bending over to put something in the trash and this is, of course, our consent and he might come up from behind and just barely bump his hips on my hips to imply sex, you know? Um, so stuff and then he'll just walk away.

Stuff like that I think is important to try to keep up with your sexual partner if possible. Just silly little moments of kind of maybe flirty nous, like try to continue to flirt. I guess for me sometimes foreplay can start with me getting my needs met and what I mean by that is if I know that during sex I like to feel fed, I like to feel warm. I like to feel clean about all these things. 

Maybe part of my foreplay is washing my body. It’s getting the food that I need. My own personal needs are met because if my needs aren't met, I'm much less likely to venture off into sex with somebody else.

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