Using Masturbation As Foreplay Thick Japanese Hottie 

Looking at this thick Japanese hottie, sometimes we really have a hard time holding off. We have gotten a lot out of sitting and watching some porn together. This is one way to start things off in terms of getting the juices flowing.

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Watching Porn Together Just Isn't Enough

And another thing that we found was not really comfortable at first is masturbating together. Now it's gotten much more comfortable so we're just next to each other or in the same space, but we're touching ourselves and doing the thing for ourselves that we really think feels good. Before we ever get a chance to touch each other.

If we're gonna do anything sexual or gonna do things with each other and realize that maybe masturbation is the way to share our sexual pleasures together. That itself can be really hot and part of foreplay, it might be the climax actually. Keep it on the table for your hot Japanese babe.

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Expand Your Definition Of Foreplay

It really is about expanding your definition of foreplay. Because let's be honest, a lot of people are just like maybe a little genital touching, maybe some touching of the breast if they're breast there and then they're trying to get it in. But what you're saying is that the world is your oyster, the body is your wonderland, explore all of it right with foreplay.

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You can use your lips, you can use the backs of your hands, you can use your cheeks, you can use your hair, and if you have longer hair, you can use the tip of your nose to take your time and explore every square inch of the body for pleasure. 

Maybe not with a goal in mind. Just build it up to a specific outcome to see what feels good on your fingertips. Elicit a pleasurable response in your partner's body that can be a big part, including music and dancing together.

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